A Church In Kansas
It All Started With A Church In Kansas...
Rossville Bible Church

That desired to increase their community and area outreach. To do this, they began putting up billboards in the surrounding areas that would lead people to the gospel of Jesus Christ. A website was needed in order to fully accomplish this goal, thus YourEternityChoice.com was born.

After seeing the Lord work as a result of this ministry, it was decided that additional ministry tools would be added to help get the Gospel out!

In the process of time “Your Eternity Choice Gospel Ministries” as the outreach ministry of Rossville Bible Church of Rossville, Kansas, was established. Our Burden, Our Mission, Our Motto, and Our Strategy was defined!

Our Burden

We realize that there are many who have never heard of the love of God in Christ. They do not know the forgiveness, joy, and peace that the provision of His payment for our sins can bring to them!

During The Extreme Uncertainty of The Times We Live In...

Our world is seeing a rise in anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, financial stress, personal and family illness, unrest, divorce, and a host of other difficulties.

We know that the Lord can use the difficulties of life to cause people to seek help from a variety of sources!

For these reasons, we desire to tell the good news of the Gospel of Christ and His saving grace to as many as possible through the world’s most used invention…the Internet. Truly, the answers of life are found in the most High God!

Our Mission

We, at Your EternityChoice.com, desire to reach people worldwide with the gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage them to find a local, Bible-believing church for their faithful attendance and Spiritual Growth in the Lord. For those who already know the Lord as their Personal Saviour, we desire to encourage them to advance in their knowledge and service for their Lord. We also strive to help individuals and churches in their outreach, both for soul winning and Christian growth. Everything that bears our website name instantly becomes a gospel missionary.

It is our prayer that those seeking Spiritual help can find their way to the Gospel of Christ and Christian Growth Resources presented by YourEternityChoice.com…and that they may gain the lasting peace of God, that passeth all understanding!

Also, we are praying that God would raise up a band of Christian Soldiers to work with “Your EternityChoice Gospel Ministries”, to Help Us point lost souls to our Saviour, and Born Again Believers to service for The Lord Jesus Christ!

Keep The Gospel of Christ Before Your Community

“…he that winneth souls is wise.” Proverbs 11:30b

“…which is your reasonable service.” Romans 12:1

“Now then we are ambassadors for Christ…”  II Corinthians 5:20a

Our Motto

As the call of God to Ambassadorship for Christ (II Corinthians 5:20) and putting the GO in the Gospel (Mark 16:15) is the Believer’s privilege and reasonable service (Romans 12:1-2), we have established the motto “Keep The Gospel Of Christ Before Your Community.” In this motto, the focus is on the evangelistic ministry mandate of God and beginning with “Our Jerusalem” (Acts 1:8), in outreach for the souls of lost men and women, boys and girls!

To forward this eternal work, the ministry tools of Our Strategy provide the Believer aid and support to help accomplish this task.

Thank you for your consideration to "Help Us" tell the lost of God’s love for them (John 3:16)… and encourage Born Again Believers to grow in the Lord (I Peter 2:2)… while being careful ourselves to maintain good works before God and mankind! (Titus 3:8)

Our Strategy

Through “YourEternityChoice Gospel Ministries”, and the use of online and practical means, we desire to direct viewers to YourEternityChoice.com, through the YEC ministry tools of billboards, yard signs, witnessing cards, vehicle decals, door hangers, and much more!

Our express purpose is Bible Ministry and Evangelism, without any thought or intent of profit from the cause of Christ and the Good News of the Gospel of Christ!

As the Lord Jesus was lifted up from the earth on the cross of Calvary, the ministry tools of YourEternityChoice.com provide a practical means of lifting up the Lord Jesus in the Gospel of Christ, in our day as well.

"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." John 12:32

Our continual prayer is that the Lord would...

Lead me to some soul today,
And teach me Lord, just what to say!
Friends of mine are lost in sin,
And cannot find their way!
Few there are who seem to care,
And few there are who pray;
Melt my heart, and fill my life
Give me one soul today!

Keep The Gospel of Christ Before Your Community

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